Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc. is seeking agencies and organizations that are interested in hosting open enrollment courses.

To Sponsor a PRS, INC course the agency must be able to provide the following:

1.     Classroom with tables and chairs to accommodate up to 18 Students.  Must have a dry erase board, and audiovisual equipment able to do Power Point and VHS tapes.

2.     Training tower, building or natural site with a height of at lease 30 feet. For Confined Space courses, tanks, vaults, water treatment plants etc.

3.     List of local motels and restaurants convenient to the airport and training sites.

4.     Detailed Map of the area showing the airport, first night meeting place and training sites.

5.     Local distribution of flyers and advertising material to interested groups. PRS will provide the Flyers and other materials.

6.     Arrange for ground transportation for the instructor(s) if flying.

PRS, Inc handles all the administration duties for the course i.e. student reservations and confirmations. PRS, Inc will also handle all travel expenses and room and board for the instructor. (This is for Domestic only) all expenses for foreign travel and room and board will be at the expense of the sponsoring agency

We require a minimum of 12 paid students to guarantee a course. If less students show up the sponsor will be held reasonable to pay for 12. In exchange for the sponsorship the hosting agency will receive one complimentary place in the course if there are 12 paid students. The maximum number per course is 18.

PRS, Inc has a liability insurance policy and can offer a Certificate of Liability if requested.

Please contact us for further details and information on available dates.

We look forward to working with you.