Thank you for your interest Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc. and our course offerings.

Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc. (PRS, Inc.) was formed in 1993 by Jerrold (Jerry) B. Smith. Jerry was previously the Senior Instructor and Director of the CMC Rescue School. (See profile)

Having been involved in rescue for over 42 years and having taught rescue courses full time for the past 35 years, Jerry has seen the industry change, grow and advance.

PRS, Inc. was formed with our main goal being to offer a customized course, taught with the highest level of instruction, while still offering a lower cost to the participating agency and/or student.

Our courses are Progressive. We are constantly testing, up grading, learning from field experience and changing to meet the demands of the industry.

Our  Mission

About Us

Our goal is to offer the student a solid foundation in Technical Rescue. We want our students to come away with a well-rounded background and the knowledge to perform confidently in various types of rope rescue, whether it is low angle, high angle, tower/antenna or confined space

By offering a variety of courses based on the experience level of the student, we are able to start with the basics and move to the advanced stages at a speed the students are most able to benefit from.

Finally, we pride ourselves in being a progressive company with old style values. We are in the business of teaching Rope Rescue; not in the business of Big Business. We care about the quality of instruction and service you receive and we’ll be there to help you with technical questions and problems that may come up down the road.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you soon!